Tuesday 14 June 2011


Heya all.

I've hit a huge stumbling block at the moment. The PC has died.

"But your posts are on blogger. What's the problem?"

Yes some are. But all newer posts are written on the pc before copying to blogger, The PC is the dead one (as i've fixed it before i know everything that could go wrong as it's happened at least twice before. This time Bad caps killed the Bios outright. The chip is fine, but it can't boot as power to the bios is not present)

The data is safe on the hard disk. But for now i'll be buying piece by piece every couple of weeks it's going to take 8 weeks to get it completed! (i may have a spare part for temporary use by then )

So for now I have the netbook hooked up to the monitor (7 and 16 dual screen FTW) and a makeshift desktop setup running. (eek i have to unhook it for cybermummy - GRRR)

posts will start appearing, but expect delays for the moment.

Back to normal soon I promise - Paul



  1. Don't stress hun x Hope you can get if fixed quickly and without burning too much of a whole in your pocket! *ouch*

  2. coffeeandasliceolife16 June 2011 at 07:59

    Exactly same thing happened to me ( I think ). Would not switch on. No signal to screen. A pc engineer friend said it needs a new something or other, which costs about 70 quid. So for time being. Tower is packed away safe in loft and like you, using a laptop linked to my screen. It's a pain but it's a workaround until I have the money to buy a new whatever it is.

  3. @Coffeeandasliceoflife if the mainboard is dead for £70 you can buy new internals.

    sadly it wont get me to my files quicker but will get me running until i can get the rest of the parts. if your near bedfordshire/luton area i could have a look (and help sort it cheaper, mainly just cost of parts if i dont have any spares here)

    paul :)