Friday 24 June 2011

I'm Back - CyberMummy is tomorrow

Good morning.

Today I finally have a fully working pc again bar the raid card. I have some data from the hard discs but it looks like a lot was corrupted (if only i knew how) So i am rewriting many from scratch next week :)
Now Back to today.

CyberMummy is tomorrow. And I was given a ticket by the amazing Sian from Mummy Tips, so I want to give her a huge Thank you for the opportunity to go.

I'll be meeting the lovely @Mummiafelice at Liverpool St station. in the morning, and have offered to meet anyone else who is unsure of there way around (i'm nice like that) with the potential madness with closures TFL plan tomorrow :)

when looking for me
I look like this not so pretty figure below. (oh wait that ugly so and so is ME)

I'll have a huge backpack with my clobba inside it so i'll be easy to spot (must find my mr perfect badge too)

See you all tomorrow. I'll post a pay as you go number up tomorrow if you want to find me *unless you have my main number then all is well :) *


P.s. Tigger and Lulu in the photo above will not be coming with us. Just so we're clear on that (my daughter Vee would hate me. and i mean hate me! )


  1. I shall say hello to another dad infiltrating the mummy crowd tomorrow then :)

  2. indeed you sill squire. Are you going via thameslink? you never know we may get the same train Could find each other if you wanted?

  3. Crystal Jigsaw24 June 2011 at 07:20

    You'll have a fabulous time. I was going then chickened out!!

    CJ xx