Sunday 26 June 2011

Cybermummy Was Awesome

What a weekend it's been.

From tube closures, footlong Subway, getting lost and meeting people who I consider to be amazing friends. This was my Cybermummy11 experience. And I loved it!

I will admit. It was overwhelming at times, especially being one of a few dads at the events, but once the initial dust of being in the middle of a mostly female world settled down I began to enjoy myself.

To be one of a handful of men around 400 women to some could be seen as a perverts paradise, but. It made the event an immensely good one. Being recognised by people was an amazing feeling, especially when your feeling under dressed in a room full of glamorous ladies. Quickly proven wrong when presenting the world with my fathers day present "DAD'LL FIX IT" top.

In many of the keynotes I learnt things, especially the keeping it legal discussion, providing information which could keep me out of problems when things could turn ugly.

The whole day was perfect. Absolutely loved it. And to Mummiafelice from White Lilly Blog, It was an honor to finally meet you, my dear friend. 

Meeting all the PR's bought a refreshing experience to me, where many didn't expect to see daddy bloggers there where surprised. A few have asked to work with me in the future. That in itself is awesome. As was a journalist speaking to me. Sweet :)

highlights of the day included Every single person there, from the meet and greet people to my fellow bloggers. Meeting Onlydads was an awesome experience to meet him, In my eyes he is a pure gent who works tirelessly for an amazing cause. Also Dadzclub was another one i was eager to meet, as my post on miscarriage will be hosted by them. :) Oh and keep an eye out for the Cybermummy Calendar. Me, OnlyDads and Dadzclub are in the calendar i hope

There was such a warm friendly at the venue from everyone I met and everyone made you feel welcome. including the PR teams and The Brewery's staff. Each and every person involved including those behind the scenes are all amazing and helped made the event amazing,

Unexpected surprise of the evening was Winning an Ipad from the lovely team at Glam Media, (I nearly fainted apparently, it's still a blur). Resolving issues with three was a plus too. (Remember my rant? Consider it sorted) All the goodies I bought home, many are going to friends who could use them better than me.

Next year. I will be back, Even if I have to wear a skirt to get sponsorship! (said as a joke, but I will do so If asked)

Thank you for a great day Sian, I owe you so much. You rock! .

My final word on the event in this post - We are all unique in our own special way. That makes every one of us in the blogosphere awesome!

Paul (see what  i wore -->


  1. It was great to meet you Paul. I cannot believe you bagged the ipad! Lucky you!

  2. Was great to meet you! :) glad you had a good day, I did too! :D

  3. Karen@therubbishdiet28 June 2011 at 05:33

    Great to meet you on Saturday and thanks for being such a brilliant sport with the Shedwyn wig lol. ;0)

  4. Glad to hear you had a great time at cybermummy11 and lucky you to win an Ipad. Deb