Monday 27 June 2011

Monday, Grumpy Monday.

This is a test post using the iPad I won thanks to glam media. (Using blogger+)

It's the monday after cybermummy11 and boy it's still a huge buzz to be part of it. And I loved every moment of it. Bar none.

But things come crashing back to reality when we realise school is closed for Vee. Causing huge upset to a little lump setting the mood for the rest of the day, with the weather really not helping made both a grumpy pair of girls.

Now the easiest way for me to help was fruit lolly's, drinks and hugs. They didn't want anything, surely not!

But windows open, pasta cooked and we have three happy kiddo's.

The strange thing i've noticed. While there grumping they seem to keep alternating between both me and my partner. Usually they avoid us unless they want wifies iPod or twinkle twinkle little star from super simple learning. (trust me. They are awesome.)

I'm no complaining, I love spending time with my children, it's the best feeling in the world to have them come for a snuggle, leaving me with a useful feeling, as if i'm doing right. When on some occasions it's the opposite they avoid me like I'm evil. Crying at any attempts to comfort them, but. Mummy saves the day here.

Does anyone else have days where it's more a love/hate relationship from there little cherubs?


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