Monday 27 June 2011

Jog on heatwave.

Well after yesterday's scorcher of a day I have to say. Jog on heatwave!

The kids hated it, wifie hated it and i blooming well hated it too, to be fair if the temperature had dropped a small amount I would have been within my comfort zone, working in it on previous years proved it brings the grump in me out in full swing.

Roll on today and the weather is grey and cooler. Kids have woke happy, shame we didn't

The weather threw me out, and a daddy with no sleep is a bumpy bugger. So in that way I feel sorry for anyone who crosses my path today.

This could be continued later today, if the mood takes me.

So for now. Did anyone else sleep last night or was it a hallucination after hugging a huge green dinosaur at the weekend?

Paul ;)

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