Saturday 11 June 2011


I was tagged by Nickie at Typecast in a Kareoke meme.

Yes I sing, and used to be a chorister in the grand priory church in Dunstable and still piddle about with the odd ditty when everyone is asleep (i break glass, not hearts)
In hindsight I decided not to sing here, mainly as it would wake the dead.
But come and find me at the Cybermummy event and i'm sure you can encourage me to do a little ditty together. (it will be filmed ooh yes!)

Now Things i have sung at kareoke and survived are the following.

There are just a few I have dared attempt in the past. And I pulled them off too.
Now it's time to Tag a few of you. I choose Tracy, Pippa, Marylin, Laura and YOU!

If you feel brave enough to sing then Please do! if not do the same as I have.



  1. I sang in mine Paul!

  2. Cool songs Paul. I'll have to post the ones I'd like to be able to sing, but can't lol!!!!!

  3. I remember that Pippa. It was Abba Was it not?

    Tracy Thats fine. :)

  4. Here you go... :P