Tuesday 8 February 2011

The Nokia BH905i Review - Part one.

Monday mornings are usually set to a routine of school runs, job hunting and school runs. This Monday was slightly different. I recieved a parcel from the lovely people at Wom World Nokia, inside was a leather pouch with the impressive Nokia BH905i Headphones.

For those who wonder what they are or what they look like, via the means of a poorly executed stop motion video! I will try harder on the next one!

They have a look about them which appears to me as clear cut, professional, but cute at the same time too. To the point I'm happy to have them on my neck most of the time when there not in use, although this could be me being incredibly vain for once.
They fit to your head comfortably with minimal movement, and once adjusted to the right position they are snug and safe, but just to be extra sure I always check them every now and again.

Now for the bit that makes me giddy! The audio quality. Oh my word, these are heavenly. Seriously, I've never had bass which makes my ear drum tickle before, more impressively this aural nirvana came from Kate Bush's 'The man with the child in his eyes'

Also the Active Noise Cancellation left me in awe when compared to a high end Bose set I have previously used, which seemed to hiss. these are silent, but not silent enough to be hazardous to yourself when walking.

I am seriously impressed. They perform perfectly with a multitude of devices, from amps, mp3 players and probably anything else i plug them into

Currently I want to keep them, I will be sad to see them go after my trial. But I have decided to save up and get some, especially as they work flawlessly with anything I've thrown at them.

Dear Wom World Nokia.

Can I Keep them?

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