Monday 7 February 2011

Don't kill the bike! (daddy fails)

Today has been a great day so far, I recieved my trial pair of BH905i's (aural porn. oh yeah they are good), Wind pushed me about somewhat and V's bike seat is eating my bike up.

This is after 6 days. OUCH!

the indentations are only a millimetre at maximum, but if i were to leave this it would get worse so this is not an option. I like to treat a bike like it treats it's rider, (HAHAHAHA) as such I'm feeling guilt right now for abusing the poor gal!

Sadly I'm left in a stumped postiton. The seat cost me nothing, it was given to me brand new unused by our old neigbours, who bought it by mistake, and it failed to fit there suspension bikes. I can't afford to replace it, also. Many seats will not fit the GT's frame properly due to the triple triangle detailing is too wide for most seats.

But, I have an idea, which I hope could bring the cost of re fixing the seat to only a pounds.

Pannier racks have existed for a fair while, there purpose to carry load, and spread it safely, leading to my idea.

Bolting the seat to a pannier rack, Simple and safe, and with minimal modifications to the rack and hopefully none to the seat!

Of course, this is me were talking about so there could be a high failure rate, think of this as the family car. It's well used, harbours some great memories and had overcome many problems to do charity events, even cried when it broke down before balls of steel, only JUST getting it fixed. (OK. That's strange)
The photo below shows why I love the seat being on the bike.
The bike to me is like a member of the family, so getting it right is the only choice, even if I mess up the odd time, therefore getting a new seat or fixing this one safely is a must!


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