Sunday 30 January 2011

Kite and Zoo day coming soon!

It's not a hidden fact that I love Dunstable Downs, and the amazing work the Council and National Trust have done to the area, including Whipsnade downs and tree cathedral, the area is a true hidden gem, sadly hidden by larger attractions like Ashridge park or ZSL's Whipsnade Zoo.

The whole area is stunning in so many ways, from we have the London Glider Club below the downs, flying above your heads, the amazing gateway centre with it's amazing locally sourced food and an amazingly spacious stretch of land for the children to play.

My main use for the downs is training on the bike, and taking the children to the tree cathedral for a day of play outside with little worry of the roads.

I was thinking this year of organising two days out for local blogger, family and freinds. One day at Whipsnade Zoo, and the other at Dunstable downs.

The Kite day!
Starting around midday, we arrive and break out the kites, and try and do something different for a change to the norm. And, if we are allowed (i will enquire about permissions) have a barbecue in late afternoon/early evening before we get ready to go home.

If that is not your cup of tea, how about a day at Whipsnade Zoo?

Now this will cost a sizeable amount more than flying kites, but still an option if there are 10 or more of us interested we could possibly get a discount from the ZSL.
But this time we start earlier. due to the sheer size of the place. and again, I'll enquire about a barbecue at the nearby tree catherdal too, that way if it's needed we have everything covered!

Now, I would love your input on this, please drop us a comment or offer any suggestions I may have forgotten about.


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