Thursday 16 December 2010

The Maclaren Junior quest activity centre Big Review - Part three.

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We made it to part Four! WooHoo :)

The Maclaren Junior quest activity centre Big Review - Part three.
This post will be updated with more pricing information soon!

Would this be a good present for your kids?

Yes, yes it would!

Now usually when I have something which I would recommend it would have been something many would have deemed superfluous.

However. The Junior Quest activity centre is such an incredibly thought out product it would be a sure fire hit with many children at many ages.
I would also not feel guilty giving this set to family or friends for there children mainly because of the high build quality, and safely features incorporated into parts of the centre mean to me that the activity centre would be perfect gift to give to any little person wanting to walk there favourite soft toys to the 'shops' with changing bag in tow, bounce there baby or snuggle old ted into his cot at bed time.

Then there's the colour schemes available for the activity set.


The colour schemes available are 'Dandelion' and 'By Land, By air, By sea' and both colour schemes are again, well thought out and look stunning in comparison to some other competitors products looks a lot prettier to me!

And now, the price
(the deal breaker)

The Junior Quest Activity centre varies in price from £24.99 to £27.99 now this is on-line stores at present. (Update - store price research is still ongoing. - Sorry!)
Now, I think this is an absolute bargain for the build quality and overall appearance it's an absolute steal!. Until I looked on-line I was convinced it was to be a more expensive product.
This is the winner for me in comparison to other brands which would cost twice as much.

In my honest opinion this is a fantastic gift for the kids. And the fact they'll keep coming back as the playtime can change every time.

The Maclaren Junior quest activity centre is available direct from Maclaren. but if this is too far to travel they have provided a lovely store locator so you can find your local authorised Maclaren reseller.

Come back on the first Monday after Christmas (27Th December) for the final part of this epic four part special.
Paul, Jess, Lissy and V

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