Saturday 1 January 2011

The Maclaren Junior quest activity centre Big Review - Part four

To see the other parts of this four part review please click the images below!

Part One. Part One. Part three. Part four.
We made it to part Four! WooHoo :)

Sorry Part four is very late. The dreaded lurgee has hit the flat!
Although do you see it in this one?

This is the sad time where we wrap up the review.
Well the review may be drawing to a close, but the fun hasn't stopped!

even with christmas they have loads of toys to play with, but the set is not allowed out of there sight. I've put it away but they have got it out again, cheeky is not the word here. Maclaren you're onto a winner.

Now I know what you are thinking, "Is he just saying that?"

Well. No! If i like something i'll write about it. If something irks me about something, I'll say about it. Thankfully this set had my attention for all the right reasons!

My final thoughts on the The Junior Quest Activity centre are listed below!

It's all good. The activity centre fits in a relatively small box compared to similar products*, and the packaging is all recyclable too!
Also it's not too large that you could not take the set home on a bus without taking all the space up.

Rating 5 stars

Clutter Factor
It folds down so well I'm extremely happy to leave it in the living room with the larger toys for the quieter days. And due to there small footprint I recommend this set for people living in smaller houses or flats where space is an issue!

Rating 5 Stars

So far the set has taken a fair beating, including me falling over it last night walking through the living room in the dark with no damage sustained at all. This set will hold up well in the future I'm certain.

Rating 5 Stars

Fun Factor
The fun is maintained by how your children play with the set. One day they could be playing shops, and another there toys are chilling in the bouncer and cot. The set encourages there imagination in ways single toys can't always do. the kids seem to find a toy they like and swap and share accordingly. This is a fantastic skill for children of all ages to learn.
Also the girls friends love the set too!

Rating 5 Stars

This is the big winner for me. £24.99 is the cheapest I've found this set, the most expensive being £29.99. High Street stores are varying between the two prices, so it would be best to check the Maclaren store locator to check the price beforehand. But, still the price is very good compared to other brands.

Rating 5 Stars


My first review of something not technological is a roaring success in our home, and would be in your home too! In going over everything I give the Maclaren Junior Quest a 5 Star Rating. Well done!

I would also like to add that I will possibly return to make an update in a month's time, when the set has had even more stick and the buggy has been walked from nursery and back a few times.
This however depends on the followers who comment below!

So. For now, thank you for reading.
From Paul, Jess, Vee, and Lissy!

The Maclaren Junior quest activity centre is available direct from Maclaren. but if this is too far to travel they have provided a lovely store locator so you can find your local authorised Maclaren reseller.

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