Sunday 12 December 2010

The Maclaren Junior quest activity centre Big Review - Part two.

To see the other parts of this four part review please click the images below!

Part One. Part One. Part three. Part four.
We made it to part Four! WooHoo :)

This is part two of the Maclaren junior quest activity centre. Click here for part one!

Well hello everyone! I hope you're sitting comfortably.

This post is mainly observations of the kids playing with the set, with a small amount of my thoughts.

The kids have been playing with the activity centre, pretty much non stop, even getting wound up when we put it away in the evening.
I also believe the way this set is made has encouraged the girls to share a lot more than previously, the girls seem to have serious "it's mine" attitudes to there toys, as all children do. But here as there is four things to play with, not including there favourite soft toys which will stay in here while there playing during they play sessions, they seem to have realised that sharing is more fun! I really like that!

Meet Old Ted, Tot , Tig and Lulu

V loves to take old Ted in the cot to bed with her, but still sleeps with her soft toys, as in V's words they 'get too cold' and 'there bad and with chocolate zombies' (thanks Eddsworld) But old Ted can sleep for hours inside the cot!

Both girls seem to have taken a shining to the buggy, and in fairness I could see us using the adult version in the future too! Both Lissy and V they take it to the 'shops' which is the kids messy bedroom while they see the shoe cupboard as the lift to go back to there cars!

Lissy does clutch onto the bag a lot, as they both call it the 'mummy bag' with V asking for a juicy and nappy to put in there for her babies

Update on durability, everything is very tough for such lightweight items. The girls were playing one of them slipped and fell onto the buggy. it went down with them but not harming anyone or becoming damaged. In this house it has to be durable and hard wearing as the girls are very bashful at times. Again, like many children.

Ignore the duff carpet. Can't wait to move!

OH NOES! YOU BROKE IT! (Not really *phew*)

I think I've noticed a minor issue where the seat fabric pulls away from the bottom really easily, This is probably meant to be like this, luckily the girls have not noticed otherwise there toys will be hanging uncomfortably.
An easy solution here would be a small piece of velcro on the metal framework. But not essentially something a toddler may notice. I should also mention here, that since the children showed this to us they haven't done it again, so I assume it was removed as pot luck!

The main upside of this design means that if the girls share there chocolate, dinner or juicy cups with there toy's it can be removed, cleaned and dried safely without worry.
This feature I like a lot, as the other buggy the girls have here is not very easy to remove and clean parts when needed.
Showing that much practical thought from a parents point of view has gone into this design!

So far so good. :o)

The Maclaren Junior quest activity centre is available direct from Maclaren. but if this is too far to travel they have provided a lovely store locator so you can find your local authorised Maclaren reseller.

Come back on Friday for part three of this four part special.
Paul, Jess, Lissy and V

I apologise in advance for lack of photos on the Flickr stream recently. I need to have a tidyup, which could be troublesome! (Hence picture sizes are all over the place in Picasa and Flickr ! This will be fixed over the course of this week I promise!)

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