Saturday 3 January 2015

Dunstable Cyclists Unite!

2015 Let's do this.

There is an enormously large amount of people who cycle in Dunstable, many of these co-exist with nobody noticing as they get on with things like the rest of us. Then you have a few who want to make a difference. I'm one of the latter, let's do something together.

January is a time for change for all and many have bikes, do you think you could ride a few miles? I bet you could easily ride 5+ miles within a month and not notice? a few more months and 10 miles will be easy. On top of this you get a good workout, seeing beauty spots in the area and get to meet other people you'd never think of speaking to and spark off a friendship or two.

The project I'm creating is coming to Dunstable but for now I want to try a few beta test or two.

One evening we'll arrange a little meetup of people who ride or want to ride regularly. All are welcome including those who aren't as confident on two wheels, I promise you now the less confident will be looked after. (I still struggle so I promise no pressure.)

The ride date will be announced in the next two weeks.

Requirements as follows:

Helmets - Optional (let's not go into that debate here please)

Lights - Required as it'll be an evening ride. Halfords do some very basic lights for £3 or £5 with
batteries included at the moment, or Poundland sells basic lights and batteries for £3

Bike - As long as it's working and roadworthy. Considering the test ride will be a mix of both on and off road make sure the bike is up to it.

Drinks - It's a ronseal moment there!

If  interested please get in touch and we'll arrange it.


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