Sunday 23 November 2014

Please Help Find Tigger #FindTigger

Hi everyone, I'm in a state and feel awful right now so apologies on the sad factor this post.

Vee has a toy tigger, her beloved cuddle buddy who's been with her since birth. They've been through a lot through the nearly seven years through sickness, health and in many ways her best friend who she talks to when she's in a weird mood some of her "Vee and Tigger chats" have been very adorable. It makes for very interesting listening.

We'll not hear any more sadly. As Tigger went missing in London last night, she'd held him in her coat, when she didn't have him I assumed she'd put him in my rucksack, when we checked my bag while swapping her trousers I noticed he was missing. She instantly realised she'd dropped the ball and lost him.

We're both devastated, In hindsight I shouldn't have taken him with us, but both girls would be tired on the way home and cuddle buddies help the last tired walk home from the bus easier.
I've failed my daughter and it's upset all of us. Both me, Lissy and Vee cried at Holborn Station and a fair few more times too I AM AN IDIOT!

I will be sharing images, this post and calling lost and found as long as it takes to try and find him. I have to try my hardest. I'll be using the #FindTigger hashtag too.

If anyone can help Vee will appreciate it

Before I go to bed huge props to the gateline staff and the PCSO at Holborn for being so awesome, even offering to buy vee sweets as she was upset.
Also a shout to the team at Kings Cross St.Pancras underground station office were also amazing. Telling us the story of the last tigger they had at the station. He was found after the Kings cross fire and placed in the office window to hopefully find his home until many years later when the previous manager retired who gave him a forever home.

Thank you for reading this!



  2. Hiya!

    FGW are pretty cool for doing it. We're awaiting a call back from TFL tomorrow :)