Tuesday 18 November 2014


Keech Hospice Care need our help, lets try out best to help them.

I'm posting this on behalf of Keech Hospice Care in Luton, who haven't asked for it to be posted. It's being posted as I personally have seen the work they do, through the support they gave my own Mother while fighting cancer.
Before someone asks why I don't do more than this blogpost I'll be clear on that. I'm overstretched right now! I'm working with Travel Choices and the organisers of Operation Santa to do a gift bike run for keech and also helping at the Keech Santa Run, on top of this, volunteer commitments and being a good carer, partner and father to my family I physically can't do much more without burning out. I wish I could do more. I truly meant that.
but as I can't let's get the word out,

If you can help I know the people who use the hospice will be eternally grateful for your help. Please contact Claire on 01582 497839 or email for details. Please help us raise much needed funds for Keech this Christmas

Thank you to everyone who has already agreed to help us with Smiley Sam during the day and the evening however we still have a few slots that need filling, as you all know this is really important to both the general public who love to see the sleigh in their local supermarkets and visiting their streets and of course how important it is to the hospice in terms of the money it raises for us.
If I am unable to fill all the slots unfortunately some days will have to be cancelled which of course we do not want to do, so I am asking once again if there is any other days and times you could kindly help us with to ensure Smiley Sam makes it out both during the day and the evening.

We have slots for Drivers, Santa’s and Collectors and Coordinators, I will list the dates below, if you are able to help with anything then please get in touch, the coordinator role has a little bit more to it than just collecting but is a great job to do. I am happy to talk to anyone who would like to do this so you fully understand the coordinators role.

Thank you once again

Supermarket Collections

Driver pick up and drop off – Sainsbury’s Dunstable 29/11/14
Driver pick up and drop off – Tesco Dunstable 01/12/14
Driver pick up and drop off – Asda Dunstable 03/12/14
Driver pick up and drop off –Asda Dunstable 04/12/14
Driver pick up and drop off – Sainsbury’s Hitchin 05/12/14
Driver pick up and drop off – Sainsbury’s Bramingham 08/12/14
Driver pick up and drop off – Sainsbury’s Bramingham 10/12/14
Santa - Sainsbury’s Bramingham 10/12/14 10-12
Santa – Waitrose Hitchin 11/12/14 10-12 & 12-2
Collector - Waitrose Hitchin 11/12/14 10-12
Driver pick up and drop off – Asda Wigmore 12/12/14
Collector – Asda Stevenage 13/12/14 10-12, 12-2 & 2-4
Santa – Asda Stevenage 13/12/14 2-4
Collectors – Sainsbury’s Stevenage 14/12/14 x2 10-12, 12-2, x2 2-4 x1
Santa – Sainsbury’s Stevenage 14/12/14 12-2 & 2-4
Driver pick up and drop off – Tesco Leighton Buzzard 15/12/14
Santa - Leighton Buzzard 15/12/14 12-2
Collectors - Tesco Leighton Buzzard 16/12/14 x2 12-2 & 2-4
Santa - Tesco Leighton Buzzard 16/12/14 2-4
Driver pick up and drop off – Sainsbury’s St Albans 17/12/14
Santa - Sainsbury’s St Albans 17/12/14 12-2 & 2-4
Santa – Sainsbury’s St Albans 18/12/14 10-12, 12-2 & 2-4
Santa – Morrison’s Houghton Regis 20/12/14 10-12
Driver pick up and drop off – Asda Wigmore 22/12/14
Driver pick up and drop off – Asda Dunstable 23/12/14
Driver pick up and drop off – Asda Wigmore 24/12/14
Collector – Asda Wigmore 24/12/14 2-4

Evening Routes

30/12/14 Quantock Rise – 2 collectors
01/12/14 Lalleford Road – Coordinator
03/12/14 Poets Estate – Coordinator
04/12/14 Hedley Rise - Coordinator, Driver and 5 Collectors
05/12/14 Northwell Drive – Coordinator and 2 collectors
09/12/14 Leamington Road – Driver
10/12/14 The Saints – coordinator and 4 collectors
11/12/14 Ashwell Drive – Coordinator and Driver
12/12/14 Bushmead – Coordinator, Driver and 2 collectors
13/12/14 Wardown Crescent – 3 collectors
14/12/14 Austin Road – Driver, Coordinator and 2 collectors
16/12/14 Telscombe Way – Coordinator
17/12/14 Buckingham Drive - Driver and Coordinator
19/12/14 Farley Hill – Driver and Coordinator
20/12/14 Hill Rise – Coordinator and 7 collectors
21/12/14 Alexandra Avenue – Coordinator
22/12/14 Birdsfoot Lane – coordinator
23/12/14 Barnfield Avenue – Santa
24/12/14 Stopsley – coordinator and 5 collectors


  1. Thank you Paul - this is greatly appreciated and a lovely surprise! Sarah (Web officer at Keech)

  2. My Mum was in a hospice too Paul, I will share this, so important.

  3. have shared, I worked in a children's hospice and they all do amazing work and give amazing care.