Friday 29 August 2014

Oh life you utter flippant flupstock

I've been very quiet as of late and it's not down to ignorance, well I hope not anyway but I feel I owe many of you an explanation and I'll try as best I can but first an apology.

I've not been very useful as there has been a few serious things to sort out in the background taking priority over my little corner of the internet (no, I'm not hiding the bodies still Jacko) but over the next few weeks things are beginning to relax somewhat here and will be trying hard to blog more as I get chance to, with more chances coming while on the go soon also.

Life here's somewhat changed a bit. Certain things that are my life shifted and have sapped my ability to get things done, including the search for more information on my family, which is tricky as many are no longer alive, too busy or in a similar position to me. Also things have been changing about at home and the blog will reflect this. Things are changing again here but we'll talk about soon

Now I have three things to clear up too,

How the blog may change over the future and additions within the changes and an apology.

It's best to man up and do the apology first. I must apologise to The Pokemon Company to make while I'm here as well. As I'm sure they've been waiting for a post from me, which will be coming extremely late. While I won't explain it in full detail here we can blame in part Froakie escaping from a box, hiding Mario inside said box and causing a huge search for him *video will be edited up soon* But I promise you now the post is coming, it's here in draft to complete but it's coming.

Now the shape of the blog and it's future.

I'm not promising anything, we've got a weird niche corner here. Some parenting, geekyness and bikes with the odd rant and other misc bits. However the bike posts will change and evolve over time as I need to change things, especially as I'm currently training with Sustrans to be a Ride leader for a community project or three I have in planning which I will be blogging about as well as an old bike I'm rebuilding that got me through the training. Gramps will be unveiled once I've finished him!

As with parenting things there is a lot missing here, some things could not be talked about purely due to family stuff, life's got in the way a darned lot here and now it's sorting itself out nicely, not perfect but things are smoothing out. There's not much more I could ask for here really. Give it time!

One more thing to the people I've supported with Miscarriage advice and support. I apologise If I missed anyone, I've had a lot of things going on and not always have an internet enabled device with me, in actual fact right now I don't have a smartphone as the Jess is borrowing it. It'll be changing soon - including a dedicated support area and help line if funds say so. But I am still here, just say it's urgent and I apologise If I did miss anyone.

Right that's out the way! I'm off to write some more posts I've got to get done this weekend!

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