Monday 7 July 2014

Music Monday people!


It's monday and I think I should restart Music Monday again. No theme just a tune you love and I've chosen a classic song from my past that's bought me hope when homeless and the outcome looked real bleak, a song that may be silly to some but has importance to me in a fantastic way! On top of this it sounds great in the summer and I've got a video of my son rocking out to this video somewhere! Oh bar Michael Jackson it's one of the only songs to have one swear cut out on TV but the next one moments before or after ignored

I give you - Tenacious D - Tribute

I also asked some friends to give me some good music for today too.

The gorgeous PinkOddy ;) suggested a bit of Justin Timberlake with Suit and Tie

The stunning KidsChaos suggested Kelis. Friday Fish Fry from Glastonbuty 2014.
Damn she's got a voice!

The delightful Missie from Me and my Shadow chose Chrissie Hynde - Down the wrong way

The sporty Mr's C chose George Ezra - Budapest

Here's hoping these will make your week that bit better. Add your own below too! If we get a good response I'll think of mixtaping a few bits together!


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  1. A great selection there. Thank you for the compliment and mention :)