Wednesday 2 April 2014

Time for a #BloggerCatchUp people!

I love blogging even if I'm a but on the silent type. But I've seen a few things in the past too.

It's just my way of saying Hi to every great blogger past and present. Some of you I miss and think of an awful lot, I miss how we all used to chat. It became less about the blogs and communities and what we loved and things changed. I don't know why but it seems a darker place recently. Strong communites have come and gone and some may never come back. I wish this could change even though some people don't always see eye to eye.

I may not always be the best, or the one people listen to but I know one thing. Without you all we would not know each other, even if we all don't see things on the same wavelength. But we have something in common I discovered this via a segment of video from  FairlightOffence and Prosonix showing a demo they created at the final Datastorm


(if the video does not show ar around 10:30 move to there to see the segment I'm gabbling about)

We Are All Connected, Blogger, Wordpress, Joomla, Tumblr, and many more blogging platforms. We began as we had something to say or needed to vent or channel negativity or positivity into a permanent history book ( or somewhere to say BOLLOCKS! We all came here to Sir Tim Berners-Lee creation and crafted our words in the way we deemed fit. Even if some of us struggle to put a sentence together. Yep Me again!
Like I said we came together in similar ways to those in the Demoscene do to create amazing goodness, albeit on real hardware than over cloud based storage with no personality we'll never see. Oh and not forgetting over BBS in the days before TCPIP, NETBIOS and ISDN.

Now let's explain what I mean, and I apologise if you don't agree here but these two examples have shown greatly to over the last few years.

When Kerry from Multiple Mummy was struck ill everyone rallied around and supported her familiy wherever they could. When the tragic news came through that she passed away the community lit a candle for her memory and to show her family she will be remembered forever.

Three bloggers teamed up with Sports Relief to create an event called Team Honk, again people jumped in wherever they could last year. However this year we smashed our target, involved bloggers around the UK and helped raise money again. No doubt next year we'll all do the same!

There are many more examples I could use but these two are the best I could think of right now.

But we all come together in support where we can and in some cases even if we don't agree. That's good enough for me.

Now I Propose a Twitter party. Not a sponsored thing but a random day where we all get back in touch a #BloggerCatchUp maybe? Anyone up for this?


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