Thursday 27 March 2014

Messy fun and the Cook with the Kids Promise

Evening all.

Recently me and Lissy took a trip to London to visit the OXO Tower with Persil and learn more about the Persil Cook With The Kids Promise. A campaign to help get messy with your children, have lots of fun and make some tasty treats you can all be proud of without worrying about the mess afterwards.

I was a sad to see the results of a Persil and LMRMC survey of 2000 parents, this showed that that 88% of parents would avoid cooking with their children because of the mess and washing up involved.
47% of parents would prefer to keep their kitchen clean and tidy ‘at all times’ on top of that a further 41% said they are simply too busy to clear up the mess afterwards.

However sad that sounds It was good to see I'm in the 12% of parents who don't worry about the mess involved while cooking with the kids and a quarter of parents actively spend time cooking with the kids Maybe this is a sign of change as cooking at home for me was always the apparent complaint of mess, then again I used EVERY pot and pan in the house when younger!

With this in mind Persil and the Cookie Crumbles team set the day up with the emphasis on messy cooking fun by showing the kids how to make a pizza from scratch in a huge group the paired the children up together. Lissy was paired with another girl and with the help Cookie Crumbles team they both created amazing pizza bases. With Lissy's being star shaped, topped with cheese and a generous helping of ham it was one of many amazing shaped pizza's created that day.

Next Lissy teamed up with the lovely Ruby from Me and My shadow to decorate and eat yummy cupcakes, well I say yummy, I never got to try them (thanks girls,) guzzle lots of juice and play while waiting for their pizzas to be ready.

After pizzas, drawing and lots more play the kids got into small bodysuits, resembling minions. Hyper little minions as they prepared for the peak of the day for many of the children. The Food Fight.

This was set up with a plethora of food ready for sploshing on each other. The kids had fun getting messy, even if Lissy got grumpy for getting her hair messy.

We had a great day with Persil. And to make good on out promise to cook more with the children we'll be uploading some videos of me, my partner and the girls having fun, making mess and baking yummy goodness soon and will even show the clean-up too if wanted.

Persil aim to get 100,000 parents to sign up to spend time baking and making a mess with their kids.
For more information about the Cook with the Kids promise, and to pledge your promise click here You'll receive a free Cook with the kids downloadable pack and you also get the chance to win the ultimate children's party worth £500 too!
Also if anyone wants to join us in making mess with your children I'll be happy to add photos here and link to your blog, twitter, instagram, facebook or molome!

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Disclaimer - We were invited by Persil to attend the event and Lissy received a goody bag

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