Monday 3 February 2014

TeamHonk Is coming to Hemel Hempstead. Are you ready?

Yes It's true. Hemel Hempstead and St.Albans Team Honk is coming for you!

To sponsor me and the Hemel Honkers Please click here  or text HONK to 70005 to donate £5 to Sports Relief. Thank you muchly we lurve all you awesome people! 

It's been a tough few weeks since posting last about the preparations for this Tuesday, with a formal diagnosis of Arthritis on my knee and back and both Naughtybike and Bettybike misbehaving it's been a fun few weeks!  But even with the busted back and annoying bikes nothing can spoil my mood for the relay!
For the Hemel Hempstead to St.Albans leg is going to be awesome! 

The time at 9:00 we aim to all be at Grovehill community centre to give the bikes last moment checks and tweaks, meet and greet each other and conduct ourselves in silly ways, no doubt helped by the amazing Jokers Masquerade  for giving me a Charlie Brown costume to wear during the ride. On top of that i'll be filming my ride too. Hopefully with the off set to Guile goes with everything! (click here for that)  But now let's chat about the Hemel-St.A stretch. Here's where things get fun! 

St.Albans or bust race - Here's the fun bit. 

The lovely ladies. Afra, Mary Louise Carolynne and Claire and myself are cycling to St.Albans, but we've made it a bit of a challenge. The ladies are not as confident on the more precarious roads, I cycle daily and very confident on the road. Also at the time of planning we had limited car space for everyone and bikes so I chose to stick to the roads while the ladies use The Nickey Line, an old railway line that goes towards St.Albans, get off near St.Albans and be transported by car to the last mile or so then ride to the finish line, Mandeville school. Including car ride it comes in at around 9-12 miles, depending on the route. 

Whereas my route is a bit more direct. I hit the road direct to St.Albans through Hemel Hempstead, although it's more a shorter 7 miles and on half decent roads but they'll have a few advantages. 

Travelling in a group,
Cars for support in case of problems.
The bikes they are using have gears.

Yes I'm a singlespeed junkie and Naughtybike will be joining us for some ultra naughty fun without the trailer attached. The one pictured above is part way trough becoming a flatbed trailer for when we move! 
The good thing about this is the bike is lightweight and configured for speed, even if there is a risk the chain will snap again! oh well! :D 

Anyway - Time to do some more training and get ready for a race.
For more information on the St.Albans leg of the relay clicky here

St.Albans or bust baby! 
To sponsor me and the Hemel Honkers Please click here  or text HONK to 70005 to donate £5 to Sports Relief. Thank you muchly we lurve all you awesome people!

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