Wednesday 23 October 2013

The Hornit Review Part 2

****There are a few bits missing, will be updated asap****

I've had the Hornit for over a month now and I feel able to talk about it in greater detail now.

In Summary it's a fantastic package which works well. But for the daily cyclist there are a few caveats. Are these enough to sway you to an air based product. Let's see!

For now Let's look at the good.
It's certainly loud and gains the right amount of attention required when needed, be it to say hi to a friend or try and tell a fool he's clipped you at 30mph! It makes for good fun in tunnels too as seen in this lower res clip below. A more in Depth video review is rendering now!

I like how it looks too. Emulating the look of some bike cameras. which is a good thing if it encourages road users to treat others with the same respect we should all get. (with exception of the idiots on the roads. We all dislike them)
on huge advantage is the lack of air pump or huge rechargeable batteries required for this horn. 2 AAA's will last around a year if used in short blasts. Usually enough for a lookout warning, or Don't Pull out bark!!

I've got another to upload onto youtube soon. I'll be completing it this week. Some of the footage of the hornit in use on the road have been canned due to me getting shouty at a few bad drivers.

Now let's go onto the bad
The mounting clip seems to come loose a lot. But if you over tighten it you get the same effect too. I suspected it was my bars at first but now suspect the mount more now. I would invest in some strips of rubber from a local bike shop or an old piece of inner tube to help stabilise it.

If you choose to remove the horn a lot I suggest cable tying the wire in place or it'll go walkies or the cable will come loose at the silicon button joint which could cause it to fail in the oncoming bad weather.

Bar it's pitfalls It's an impressive device for the price. I give it a 7 out of 10 mainly as some people prefer the air powered alternatives or the classic bell. Heck I use a bell still also, for pedestrians it's much more useful

Spares of both the mounting clip and the fire trigger are available as spares for £3.99 each I like that a lot as some manufacturers would make you buy the kit again which would be useless if it's just a clip damaged or cable frayed.

The only thing i would improve is the horns. There is a choice of two, One is a solid tone, the second a multi tone horn, which sounds identical to an alarm I installed at my old flat after a break in. It's not a bad noise in terms of what it is, It does indeed get you noticed but I feel the horns could do with beefing up a bit or made to sound more like a car horn if possible.

Would you like one? here's your chance!

If you would like a Hornit, Visit the Hornit website and use discount code confused. for 20% off for the first 50 people.

Tell me if you were using the road daily would you invest in one?

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