Sunday 15 September 2013


Saturday night I embalked on a new challenge. Marshalling for Keech Hospice Care's Midnight walk while good friends of mine were doing the walk at the same time.
It was an amazingly clear night, even the cold temperatures didn't bother most of us, being there to motivate, cheer up and support all the walkers was more important than the weather. 

That said I've not seen the Moon and stars shine so brightly in a while so rest assured loved ones who's memories were praised and remembered on this amazing night were watching down over us all with pride. 

My friend Steph walked the 10 mile walk with friends from our childrens school. Sorry to be cheeky in asking. I would love it if you could sponsor her and the amazing ladies that joined her and learn why this is important to her and many others, please click the link below

Here are the last few marshals and 4 people doing the walk. Not forgetting the van taking the signs back. 

To the volunteers you were bloody epic. Oh and Group 5 FTW! 

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