Sunday 26 May 2013

The best ever driving song ever!

I was asked by the lovely people at Carcraft what I thought was the best song to drive happy to?

This was a difficult one to comment on as I currently do not have a driver’s license, which is very soon to change as we’re going to need a car very soon due to my partner’s medical conditions. (Thankfully she now qualifies for Motability. So I’ll be in touch with Carcraft soon about that.)
However I do cycle everywhere (boo). And when the kids are not attached to the back the music is on. But I will admit there is one song, which pricks the ears up, sends shivers down my spine and in certain situations can make me smile madly, loudly sing and in some situations has bought a tear (read: blubbed my eyes out) to my eyes. (My late nan bought me a tape with this song on it. Fell in love there and then with it. )

What makes this song more epic is how it fits perfectly to all driving situations. Last week coming over the Dunstable downs for this song to come on my media player as I turned onto the long stretch of the road to see a perfect sunset, us bathed in warm sunlight belting down the road at speed. It was a beautiful mix of everything from music, Pure euphoria for 5 minutes.

It's the epic. Waterboys – The whole of the moon.

Waterboys - The Whole of the Moon by Viridiana_mas

If you want to join in Visit the Carcraft post here and share your thoughts here, on twitter or on their post.

Disclaimer. This post is for Carcraft but is entirely based on my opinions and thoughts.

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