Tuesday 9 April 2013

Giggles: Cheeky Girl

This morning I came in to the living room to find the smalls playing well together. I sit down to be given a huge hug by Lissy and her Roo bear plushie.

In talking to her I ask her if she's a cheeky girl? I was not expecting this response.

She holds Roo bear up to me and begins to sing.

"Roo is a cheeky boy, Roo is a cheeky boy, Dad is a cheeky girl, Dad is a cheeky girllllll" ending with  "Dad your a cheeky girl!"



  1. AnnieMammasaurus9 April 2013 at 02:02

    cheeky cheeky!

  2. Very cheeky cheeky

    I was going to photoshop a my face on the cheeky girls but i feared it would scare people away

  3. Oh do it!!! Just for an epic crack.P.S My blog name is PLUS 2.4 :)