Monday 12 November 2012

#MusicMonday Freeforall

Hi all.Apologies for the radio slience. Been ironing out a few kinks, mainly the lack of linky. Next week that will change,

Welcome to this weeks #MusicMonday. We have a full on free for I've got an interview with the press about the movember issues.

Let's get on with it eh?

I have chosen Incubus - The Warmth. As I love the song.

Choose any song. and add a link in the comments. If they fall into spam i'll check and fix it.



  1. Ooh I'm not sure you'd be happy with the teeny songs that I would link to ;-) All we ever seem to have on in this house is One Direction and JLS thanks to my 10 y/o!

  2. Cass - I am with you, my OH despairs if he gets in my car. Its a mix of baby nursery rhymes and Little Mix for the girls of course!!