Saturday 22 September 2012

Just my luck

I recieved my Huawei Ascend P1 last thursday. falling in love with it straight away.

Then I hit a problem.

I found lines on the screen I assumed were a theme. They were not. The Amoled screen has a problem, (the battery is awful too, but I assume it's because i use it like i did the E6)

I take it into store on Friday worried as it's just out of the 7 day return policy *I was covered by the fact it was reported on the Vodafone Eforum the day before*

The Luton branch of vodafone inform me the device is recalled and It MUST go back asap and they can replace it, but with a different model as they have sent all their stock back as instucted. They also showed me the document on there intranet, as they had done with customers annoyed they could not take the p1 home yet.

While sorting it the bulletin was pulled from the intranet, but they still had a red mark on the retail page stating do not sell.

I was told to bring the phone and box back that day for a replacement. Didn't happen thanks to idiots from BAM NUTTAL messing the roads up.

I called vodafone up to ask the status on this as requested by the people I spoke to in store. (bear in mind this was on iphone launch day and Blackberry services had gone down globally too so these poor guys were a bit in over their heads)

They lady I spoke to told me it's sorted and to pop in tomorrow, but she was having difficulties putting notes on the system. so she would call me back to confirm it all by 10pm.

Didn't happen

Call today and end the call more confused than before, feeling the guy on the call didn't believe a word of what I was saying.

So I pop into store again. This being a chore due to roadworks turning the town into a goslow.
They get on the case and try to get me a phone in store. Sadly they could not do that as the store is brand new (literally opened on the 19th sept) so they were still trying to get all options avaliable.

So for now I'm waiting for a Samsung Galaxy s2 in white.

Huge thanks to the Vodafone store in Luton. You are all amazing people, and work well under pressure. And thanks for sorting it all out for me. It may have taken lots of calls, the urge to facepalm, and the manager of the store "bullying" the higher teams to get this resolved. But they were dedicated, a good laugh to deal with and happy to help customers, even when busy they checked on those waiting in line for help.



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