Sunday 17 June 2012

Road Safety Fail?

You all know i'm a cyclist. Confident enough to take control of my lane where safe to do so, but with enough respect for other road users that I'm glad it's rubbing off on locals. I'm not perfect at it but Willing to learn from and fix mistakes I make.

But there are places where nobody bar the planners need to apologise for.

Houghton road's new modifications are horrically dangerous to cyclists.

Look at the image below (click it for larger) where the cycle lane moves to and from the pavement to where the flow of traffic goes over said lanes. 
These lanes in green are to protect less than confident cyclists. but in reality they are poorly designed. i've been hooked by cars where the chevrons kick out suddenly and most drivers move suddenly with them. Right over the cycle path and over the other cycle path as they've put it on a corner.

Imagine pulling out thinking it's safe to do so as your following the lane (many kids do this as there are many schools around this road) and being under a 38 bus or a Meeks of luton wagon for following the path set by the planners. Well it's a severe possibility I've witnessed at least 3 near misses this month alone

Secondly the angle of the pavement and cycle path merging is stupidly small on the approach to the junction. the path widens 20 ft after the cyclist has entered the joint use area. Also the drop in the pavement is too small. resulting in sharp turning or near missing the fence. And for cyclists using trailers it's miles too tight and could result in tipping it over.

I will be presenting this to houghton regis town council as well as I don't wish for anyone to be hurt. But this does need to be looked into.


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