Sunday 17 June 2012

Balls of steel restarts HERE!!!!!!!!!!1!!1!111

Evening all. This is a bit of a rant at myself and a decison i've mad tonight

I'm pissed off. Not with any of my readers if i have any. But over the last few weeks i've been getting more and more annoyed with myself.
Balls of steel has been neglected. An awful amount of forgetfulness is stupid.

This year I have to get back to a good level on the bike for a family friendly balls of steel next year.

I have the route already planned, the roads are quiet and relatively safe for families to use and there are places we can stop safely and have drinks and support on hand if needed.
This will be the offical place for balls of steel updates.

but i'm thinking of changing the way it works.'s balls of steel extreme. for the surrey to Dunstable rides (yes i'm still going to plan one)'s family challenge. The first one being organised asap. Will be a 13/14 mile cycle around central beds starting at Dunstable Downs Gateway centre.

The ride will be organised for the Luton and Dunstable hospital's NICU unit, for the hard work the NICU do with babies from around the south of the country. (it's one of the best and buisiest in the area)

If you wish to join with us for this event please comment, or contact me via twitter @hooker1uk and we'll crack on with it.

I'm 100%serious about staring this off again as soon as possible.



  1. Rebecca English28 June 2012 at 04:53

    Gosh that sounds a long ride! Good luck. It's so hard fitting everything in and I've been neglecting the exercise too. I blame the blog! Far too addictive

  2. Hiya! Sounds cracking, keep us updated. Found you via the herts and beds bloggers fb group :) want to get back on me bike :)