Monday 11 June 2012

I love you Motorcycle cop!

Let's set the scene.

I use a Bluetooth hands free kit on the bike, so when trailering I've got control of the bike and trailer. Even cyclists get the mobile fine (I've barely dodged getting it before)
On Saturday was a normal need to go out day, so jump on the Veebike  to find the Bluetooth kit is dead. No worries thinks I plugging the headphones into the phone and placing it into my Cybher satchel  (that is perfect for riding), until i realize the Bluetooth kit has the mic on the unit not the headphones. Oh well.

Belt to a Carers in Beds meeting and back home. On approaching the stoplights at a major crossroads I hear the roar of something huge behind me and no, not my belly. I look behind to see a motorcycle cop. At the same moment my phone rings in my bag. *ohshitohshit* Panic sets in for a moment

At this point i'm thinking he's noticed as it's loud but he can see I don't answer it. (law is law after all even without cops up my ass) Light goes green and I go my way indicating where I'm off to and plod off. See Police bike blat past and pull someone over. All good (he was driving like an idiot twunt) come out of shop ad pull onto road to be flashed. He's noticed the lack of mic on the cable = instafine i panic.

I pull over and he asks me with a smile. "Are you hooker1uk, the guy doing the 40miles an hour bikecam vid over whipsnade downs?"
we chat briefly, and shake hands with a passing note about the fact he cant see a mic on the headphones, showing him the nokia bh214 keeps him happy when he twigs it's flat. and I sod off home. happy to have met such a happy, laid back gent.

Remember people. Treat that tarmac equal and road tax is for emissions, not the right to use the road (council tax)

Oh to see the vid he's going on about i've embedded it here. Warning my other vids are sweary

Stay safe

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