Sunday 18 September 2011

Save the children - No child born to die - Urgent need for Health workers

Yep the kids have been monsters and as always this internet fatty is hungry (not eating does that) tired and irritable. But that is not as important an issue as there is going on right now! And we need your help.

While I'm warbelling on we are on a mission. A mission to get our voices heard. People of b3ta, People of Youtube, People of Twitter. Join with us as we stand together as one to have a voice for the voiceless.

(Disclaimer! the following excert with exception of my 100 Words has been copied and pasted)

Half of the 8 million children who die each year are in Africa, yet Africa has only 3% of the world’s doctors, nurses and midwives. You can find out more here

So I am asking you. Please, please take a few moments to sign the latest petition. Have your voice heard.


Gemma at Hello it's Gemma and Michelle at Mummy from the Heart have set us bloggers a challenge. To unite us all, and show our government and the world that we have a voice and we think that every childdeserves the right to live.

As you're reading this, Chris at Thinly Spread is  in New York with Save the Children.  On Tuesday she will be at the UN fighting for the rights of thousands of people - as she said herself, she will be the 'voice of the voiceless.' It is hoped that by Tuesday, 100 UK bloggers will have written a post like thisone , and will also have written 100 words about a health worker who has made a difference in their own lives.

Here are my 100 words: 

I don't ever think Vee will truly realise that she's our little miracle.
After losing two previously we were fortunate to have assistance as and when required for the awesome team at the L&D. Without their help, from conception to chaotic birth they had our backs. The day came our baby was to arrive, all went well until our little lump went into distress, and falling asleep.
Thankfully the team in the theatre jumped into action, kicking me out. Doing the C-section and resuscitating Vee, bringing her back to life.
Without there dedication Vee would not be here. Thank you!

In africa, many women and children will not be as fortunate as Vee. And I agree it has to change.

Please support the campaign and sign the petition. If you have a blog, please take up this challenge and write your own post and tweet the link with #healthworkers campaign. You don't need to wait to be tagged. Vloggers please join me and make a video to help spread the word.

Here's what you can do: 

1) If you are a blogger join the 100 word challenge started by Gemma and Michelle.
2) Sign the petition
3) Follow @ChristineMosler @LizScarff – and @savechildrenuk and @savechildrenpr and let’s MAKE SOME NOISE.


  1. Wow you used your 100 words really well, very moving and well written

  2. exactly what this is all about - stand up and shout! remember how lucky we are, how different it could have been - thank you X

  3. Hi Gemma! I'm trying to do a video about it too! will be uploading to youtube tomorrow

  4. It made me cry writing this. Sad thing about the same hospital many moons back they were useless. since then they have become one of the top NICU units in the south east/midlands

  5. Thank you so much for shouting. It has meant so much having this overwhelming support. x