Monday 19 September 2011


I need to ask you all a question.

I've hit a huge bout of no confidence in myself. one of main reasons i've been quiet. And it's got worse since I didn't get the job I wanted. Yes it's both sides fault I could not afford to pay for more training and was too ashamed to contact them until too late. Stupid or what? I did have my questions about it which went unanswered too, but again I feel confidence was the problem there.

It's even stopped me making videos recently thinking i'm not good enough. but i love making videos!

Is this normal for people to get like this. I hate the thought of it. and I know it's affecting me in ways i thought would not rear up again since doing counselling at the start of the year?

Plain and simple daddy wants some advice? Drop a comment down below please.


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  1. I'm not working at present, am struggling to write a CV to 'sell' myself, I sort of know I'm ok at my job but don't feel about to shout about it. Am dreading interviews and the possibly that I may fail and how that will feel. I think your feelings are perfectly natural and often difficult to tackle.
    Keep making videos - it will make you feel good - just do it in the style of 'dance as if no one is watching'.

  2. that probably wasn't helpful at all - sorry

  3. Life picks us up and drops us an awful lot. The trick is not to stay down. You're obviously a strong person and I have every confidence in you - even if you feel you are lacking it yourself. Keep fighting the negative stuff, you'll get there in the end. (says me who's just started on anti-depressants, lol!)

  4. Very interesting blog you have here, not many of us daddy bloggers out there!

    Things will get better, the main thing mate is to have faith in yourself, one day you will get there.