Thursday 1 September 2011

Holiday Post. A day with dad

I took little Lissy to a photoshoot on thursday. I think she had fun from the way she talked and babbled.

In the end it turned out to be a hugely awesome day of bonding, in ways we don't always things together, mainly as she's such a mummy's girl. Time with daddy is limited to a walk to asda and back, and by then she's demanding mum. So i knew things had to change there, and here it did.

Running around in neighbouring Luton the photoshoot began, with the lump wearing a little vintage item, sorry photos are not avaliable yet. And i'm not sure i want to pay the gits for 5 - 7 rushed photos.

Now in fairness we have paid for one photo with this company, but there desperate for the sale within moments of us arriving, saying things like "You can keep it. Daddy'll pay for it" got a polite whisper in the gents ear, NO BLOODY WAY! i've not ransacked the flat of junk to pile more in here. And as for the teddy, a poundland special, and It's double was found in poundland half hour later.

I'm not going to rant, as that would be naughty. It's a good post,

But in case i'm not, Jessie is going to collect them, as I'm taking Vee to a party 6 miles in the opposite direction, and naughty bike is needed for that.

Roll on the rest of the day, we play, drink strawberry water and spend a bit of cash. Throughout this we're talking, gabbling and generally being happy daddy-daughter combo. And i have to say i think we both loved it.

Here is an admittance of fail from my end. I admit i don't take lissy out as much due to her general dislike of being away from mum. I have to make sure that is going out the window. As we're off to the troll bridge* tomorrow to make sure the bike seat is set up properly, if it's still standing.

For now i'm offski. Laters.


These blog posts failed to post while the kids were on holidays, hence these are holiday posts sorry for the cockup.

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