Thursday 1 September 2011

Holiday Post. The best day of the year so far.

Evening all.

Today has been one of the best days of the year so far I feel, meeting friends and there adorable kids, and having an absolute blast. Even if the newer train was more comfortable that this one.

We took a visit to the city of Brighton. To meet up with people from PDIA on bounty, Laura and Laura, meeting at Peter Pan's Playground on Madera Drive. Which I have to say is an awesome water play park. Made more awesome by how secure it is and how everything from toilets, to cafe and electric train access was all within a tiny area. Lissy loved getting wet I. The water play, while I loved chatting, and making a video which will be edited and uploaded soon.

The best challenge of the day, walking through Brighton with huge bandages on my toes after surgery yesterday, it even bought laughs to some, and as all I can do is laugh with them it made my day rock even more.

Other top parts of the day have to be fish and chips on the pier. Enjoyed by us all, despite not eating it all. Munching on and off did not help I think

My only complaint of the day was not saving and booking a hotel for the evening. I feel that would have made it a lot easier for little Lissy.

Currently i'm homeward bound to dunstabubble with a sleeping Lissy happily away with the fairies with no snoring, no doubt she'll be out for the count until the morning.

One thing to do now, bar chill out, is make this a yearly meet for the many other southern pdia peeps, as it turned out to be awesome. Even the grey weather went to sunshine smiles for us. oh and apply the after sun. Poor lil ladies got a tad burnt. I think I did too. Huge fail there.

A fantastic day with fantastic people and great company.

For now. I'll see you later.

Paul. The strange daddy blogger. PEACE MOTHER TRUCKERS.

These blog posts failed to post whileThe kids were on holidays, hence these are holiday posts sorry for the cockup

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