Thursday 21 April 2011

Uncertain Future!

Something hit me, tonight. After a conversation today at the Shaw Trust.

The lovely people there have been helping many of us who are looking for work specialising on people with specific medical issues resulting in them needing a bespoke approach to finding work.

They are truly amazing people who have done nothing but support me and help find me work that I can do on my current lifting restrictions. (10kg is not a lot, but it's the difference between a job and being called a 'cripple')

Well, sadly this fabulous government has replaced them for an inexperienced company. From what I could understand they took the cheapest, not the ones who get the most people back into jobs.

I understand we are in a recession, but what they have done here is literally leave thousands of people reliant on the specialist help the Shaw Trust offers stuck in a position of unknown certainty.

Job Centre Plus does not have the resources to help someone who has specific disabilities, health issues or restrictions on ability.

Where does this leave many? I wish I knew.

What does this mean to me? Again, I wish I could tell you, all I know is the support many people received comes to an end on Tuesday the 26Th, and while we sit back and ponder, the staff within also lose their jobs unless there is some miracle resulting in them being kept on to run a project.

For now I'm going to ponder the rest of the evening, listening to Staind and contemplate the next few months. in the hope these few jobs I've applied for will once again bring something to the table.

To note: I am not out of work because of choice. The week I got my Diagnosis and restrictions in writing i went looking for employers who would be interested. most were too scared of the risk assessments and implications of taking me on! C'Mon it's classed on paper as a disability, but in real life it's a pain in the ass!

To everyone at the Shaw trust Luton, especially, Amy, Lee, Rekha, Derek, Jenny, Karrina and Karen. Thank you so, so much for the help and support you have offered. Good luck in the future to everyone there. the hard work and dedication you all put into your jobs should be awarded in a lot better way than redundancies.

Oh, and to the company who stereotyped me as a cripple. Be thankful I've not named you. That's staying with me for the moment I can afford to sue your punk ass, Twunts!


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