Sunday 9 January 2011

Help Paul Get to Cybermummy11

Today I want to talk to you about an event called CyberMummy 2011, and how I want to be a part of it.
On the 25th June 2011 many parents will be joining together at The Brewery, London for one of the years premier events for bloggers, CyberMummy11. Now, as a fairly new blogger I would love the opportunity to go to introduce more people to my blog, the strange blog of a daddy and dispel the myth that geeks are into computers and nothing else, despite what my children may say!

This means I will be looking for a sponsor for the event.

I will be looking for a sponsor who is willing to provide.

CyberMummy Ticket £100
Transportation costs are around £65
Hotel costs are around £110-150*
Total Costs £315*
*approximate cost, dependant on available hotels at the time of the event.

What I Can offer you in return.
Advertisement of your brand, products and services on my blog, including (but not limited to) Company logos on our site, sponsored tabs, giveaways, and much more too.

Offering advertising and literature distribution at CyberMummy, with in keeping of the event rules. This will include T-shirts you want me to wear with your brand on them too.

Mentions on Twitter, Facebook and our new Youtube Channel. including hash tags, set by you.

If there is anything else we can do to accommodate your brand with us please feel free to ask me directly.

Why the strange blog of a daddy?
Well, I try and mix being a parent, geek, carer, reviewer and blogger into one and give people an insight into our strange little world, be it though here, our Facebook page, through my tweets or my YouTube videos.

Or Tweet me @hooker1uk

Thanks for considering me.


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