Wednesday 20 October 2010

Oh, V. What we gonna do with you?

The pottty training has well and truely began, with this brings trials and tribulations, maybe an abundance of woe too. Mainly we're getting there, but we have hit a problem with the monster (yes, another one) this problem made more drastic with the start of school in January.

Miss V has gone from telling us when she wants to go to the potty to absolute silence, we can ask her if she needs to go, and she gets upset, she'll go to the loo under protest of tears,but still no number 2's.
Also when we place her in knickers she'll be ok for a while then forget and wet herself making her more upset, this is probably normal. but still a woe!

She goes when she needs to but won't tell us, bar "i'm pushing" and then kick off when we take her to the loo again.

Again am i worrying too much or is it a phase?
Input from my lovely followers would be great thanks

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