Wednesday 5 May 2010

Daddy being a geek again!

Twice in an evening. Gosh people will talk :D

I'm a sucker for the Commodore 64's dirrty sound of the MOS SID chip in my breadboard, and love all things 8bit. if i had the chance i would have a full music studio in the flat with a fully modified C64, Atari ST , an amiga and some huge Yamaha keyboard all wired up to the PC in some crude Midi orgy-esque arrangement.

and while the children come first my plans are on hold indefinitly for that it got me thinking about one Game over many i've played on 16/32bit platforms.

The game being GODS. A triumph for the bitmap brothers and Nation ixx, the soundtrack was amazing what they squeezed out of the soundboards of these devices in some cases sound output was still in

Listen to this and see if you get goosebumps of coming home from school and playing GODS.
Amiga Soundtrack

And for you commodore 64 Addicts out there like me who noticed I went on one of many tangents.

Heres the Soundtrack of Tapeloading we all loved and equally hated, especially when the load failed but the music continued. (yeah I'm a saddo who would let it crash and listen at times.... well I was a child)

Next one will include the monsters i promise

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