Saturday 23 January 2016

Vodafone Presents the perfect paring.

Hi all,

I was invited by Vodafone to come and see two of their newest devices the Vodafone Tab Speed 6 and the Vodafone Smart Ultra 6. Long names aside, they are an impressive pairing for both new users and those looking for good, solid devices with high end specifications at a great price.

While this isn't a review I'm hoping to get my hands on these for a bit longer soon,

Lets's begin with the Vodafone Tab Speed 6, the sixth generation of own brand tablet from the network giant,. It's a 4G enabled 8 inch slab with a bright display, quad core Snapdragon processor, 16gb storage, 5mp rear facing camera and 4060mAh battery.
Boasting Android lollipop 5.1, bringing with it many improvements from the user interface to overall device security and enhanced Google services.

Overall the device felt great in the hand, was responsive and in the short time I played with it was a pleasure to use, I didn't get chance to test the LTE 4G capabilities but overall Vodafone's 4G service is very consistent from previous tests and reviews.

What impresses me more is the price, £125 for a decent performing tablet with 4G or free on contract at £16/month for 3gb data.

The Vodafone Smart Ultra 6 is another impressive 4G capable device with an octa core snapdragon processor, 13mp camera, vibrant full HD 5.5 inch display and a tasty 3000mAh battery all packaged in a beautiful shell.

Again the device boasts Android Lollipop 5.1 it had a great feeling in the hand and again felt impressively zippy while trying it out.

Overall these would be a fantastic paring for both new and existing android users and perfect for budget conscious users

I'm hoping to go back and play with these again soon and give you all a review of these low priced powerhouses in the future, so keep your eyes peeled for more Vodafone goodness.

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