Thursday 2 April 2015

#DaddyReads Welcome To Cookooville

I've been looking for some randomly cool books to read to the girls and the hidden stash of books I'd long forgotten about came to the rescue, bringing with it, Welcome to Cuckooville by Susan Chandler and Delphine Durand. (also known as Mrs Gobbledygook)
Welcome to Cookooville is a quaint tail about Mrs Gobbledygook, one of the townspeople in Cuckooville who talks nothing but gobbledygook. The Mayor has had enough! “This has got to stop!” he demands. But has the Mayor spoken too soon?

One day, disaster strikes the town. Strange foreigners have invaded and no one can understand a word of what they are saying—no one, that is, except for Mrs. Gobbledygook! Will she be the hero of the day? Will the visitors take over the town? Is doom coming to Cookooville?
Watch our video to find out.

Both me, and the girls really enjoyed Welcome to Cookooville, it's a funky book with awesome illustrations. Tied in with the books theme and how I read the book in a childish nature we have a sure fire bedtime hit!

(credit - imwellconfused uk youtube channel )

If you've read any awesome bedtime stories let us know and we'll share our stories with you too!

Paul and the monsters!

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