Tuesday 5 August 2014

Getting the most from your camera

Hi everyone.

I admit my camera really needs more love and use but whenever I experiment with the settings and options the images can really come out poor, making a camera phone from 2003 look like a professional shot. Now in many cases it's my own fault as I've not paid attention to what the camera has shown me on the screen or worse, taken it without paying attention and fluffing the entire shot up. Some of my sports day photos were notoriously poor this time and frustrating when I looked at some of the photos and they don’t look quite like I had envisioned at the time!
It only takes a fraction of a second for a perfect photo into a perfect fail. And this is where Photobox come to the rescue.

Photobox have teamed up with Sheffield-based freelance photographer Charlie Barker to offer her top tips for taking the perfect photos will useful advice and help to make the most out of both your camera and phone no matter the occasion or camera itself.
And for the more adventurous they also gave me this set of 10 tips to share with you, some of these are more complicated but can transform a photo instantly.

And the tip's don't stop there, especially as I love you all so much, I had a chat with some amazing bloggers and friends asking them to give me top secret tips on how they take the perfect photo - Thanks ladies :)

Andrea from All you need is love and Cake says, "For me not being a great photographer, the photos I like the best are totally natural ones of my little one having fun. Quite often taken on my phone, they are so much better than 'perfect' posed photos"

Carolin from Mummy Alarm adds, "Take a lot of photos, there's bound to be one that stands out when you go through them."

Maggy from Red Ted Art offers  "Take lots of shots in one go, so at least one shot is good. Try and take shots when people don't realise - more natural and avoids cheesy grin. Check background- does moving one step hide an ugly bin? Or a piece of road. Basic editing like cropping and brightening photos can do wonders. Avoid flash if you can."

 Aly From Bug Bird Bee continues "I use flash near enough all the time during the day now.I think it's important to look at different angles when taking photos.Try to get behind a subject or by the side rather than face on.Get higher or lower too can create different perspectives especially with kids.I take test shots when I arrive somewhere (the bonus of digital eh?) before I start taking actual photos.
I do use Hipstamatic app a lot but I have been using HDR on my phone too.Oh if it's a dreary day black and white never fail"

Anya from Older single mum mentions "Use HDR if it's available on your camera or phone" and PinkOddy stops the press at the last moment with "Take pictures from different angles"

Now while many of these tips are similar it shows how in some cases taking a great shot can differ from moving a few inches to the side, your mood, and even the options a camera or phone has built into it can all make huge differences to how a photo looks.

If you've got any tips you'd like to share with us, please drop them in a comment below. 

Now get out there and get snap happy!

Disclaimer - This guide was sent to me and created by Phototbox. 

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