Monday 21 October 2013

Random thoughts posted by phone....

Thoughts that cross my mind. A random experiment.

Today has been fun so far. Repaired the duff Rom on my Miro, done the boring stuff and been soaked on the morning school run.

Unfortunately a play date for vee is now a nogo due to illness. It happens so no hassles. But to calm the potential poopstorm I was naughty, I admit it. I got the girls McDonald's. Something I don't like doing as it's pure gak in cardboard dressed up to be food.

I generally dislike bribing the kids but it does have it's pla ce. But is it a bad thing, or the beginning of making kids compliant by plying them sweets or treats?

Am I overthinking stuff, being silly or is this the thoughts of a parent who's brain can't slow down or switch off?


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