Friday 3 May 2013

Rant: Buying a Budget phone Fail

Let’s talk phones for the moment. More my utter stupidity of buying an Alcatel ot903.

Now It’s a nice cheap device, designed to be affordable android. However it becomes a huge fail when you can’t remove programs that bloat it. Bloatware is one of the main issues on all NETWORK subsidised devices, I expect a bit of guff from the carphone warehouse supplied devices, after all. They subsidise unlocked devices. I wish they would bring back the days of locked branded devices or do what they do with iphones. Lock them once you sign up for a contract

I sidetrack, back to the alcatel. I can cope with the poor CPU speed thanks to overclock tools available with no root, I can cope with it running out of memory, I love the fact it came with a 2gb micro SDcard This is a real nice touch. I mean it. But it’s spoilt by the lack of internal storage.
Yes I could move tools to SDcard like I’ve already done, this causes more problems for the next device I hope to buy in two weeks.
Who in their right mind makes 100megabytes of internal storage and leaves 30 flippin meg free for end use?  Alcatel Does!
What? You say I should delete the bloatware? Root it to remove it?
Well I would if the device was rootable, No readily available method of tool works. XDA Developers can’t be bothered with the phone. It’s “ shit” in their words.
The bloatware Is sytem protected, and cannot be removed. On asking Alcatel through Social media they forgot to get back to me, then again and again.
Then the music player. I’ve become used to “unknown file type” for many media files. But this is at random. The same track that glitches now will work fine on reboot.
Then the lock button. One tap comes up with the shutdown options half of the time. Or will unlock the device in your pocket for no reason whatsoever.
Rebooting turns on mobile data. Yep you heard me, if you don’t notice your screwed on a low data package.
Wifi turns off after 10 mins of inactivity, so if you have mobile data it resumes. Not a bad thing unless your uploading a video or streaming music or torrenting (yes I seed! Sharing is caring!)

Yes I am an idiot for buying it I think.
VodafoneUK got any buy now handsets for contract users?

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  1. This is one thing that really irks me too! I got a HTC (can't remember which model - on of the cheaper ones) and its internal storage was crammed full of apps that I couldn't move or delete. I wouldn't care so much if I actually used the flippin things but I didn't!