Thursday 28 March 2013

Unboxing the mysterious box.

I was going to do a fancy post. But the Videos do it a lot better in this case. 

In the box we have:
  • Cake! It was yummo
  • Lego City Police chase set
  • Lego City Undercover which is out TODAY!
  • Lego City stationary 
  • Police badge 
  • Robber mask and hat 
  • WIIU premium pack console
The kids were over the moon to see and unbox it. They had not noticed the console was behind them already installed for them to play on.

Huge thanks to Nintendo for this awesome package. A Full review of Lego City undercover and the WiiU is coming up over the next few days

Paul and the monsters. 


  1. Ohh wow! Lucky kids!! (Hope you're all well btw)

  2. I'm good thanks How are you? They've not stopped playing on it since they unboxed it

  3. I can imagine! We're good thanks x