Friday 14 December 2012

Oh Crap! It's Christmas! (meme)

Oioiii! I was tagged by the lovely Mum's the word in a Christmas meme. Then the penny dropped. I hate Christmas most of the time. Oops. I suppose I best crack on with it

What’s your favourite thing about Christmas? 

When I was younger all the kids in the village would meet up and take out our hopefully new bikes for a ride on one of the dodgiest roads in the area. Narrow lanes, good friends, music and lots of ice make huge fun for children. It was even more fun if anyone slipped on the ice and boy we tried. I would pass the torch on this but sadly kids seem to be into the latest xboxp

What is your favourite make-up look for the festive season?

I have modified this to clothes as i'll keep the makeup for the weekend. In

Real or Fake trees? 

I love me a real tree, I hate the falling pines. At my old house we have two trees living outside, which if I lived there again I would happily light them up, not just for Christmas  I'd have them lit up for parties and every chance i could. Sadly in reality fake trees are more practical with my kids also it means less cleanup for me *i swear enough about housework as it is* So for now it's fake. 

Giving or receiving presents?

I would prefer not to have presents. More if I need something, save up and get it. I love to give to others when I can, usually that comes in repairing dead computers for those on low incomes and those who can't afford one. But that's just something I do to help others. As for presents. I love to see my kids smiles when they get something they fall in love with instantly. I also know giving one to the wife this year has made her happy. A present not nookie... perverts.
Also i know something she's got me. Oh my gosh it's awesome sauce!

Do you open your presents in the morning or evening?

We do it in two parts. stockings in the morning and main presents at midday. It helps stagger it out and brings more excitement to the kids. It's a tradition that's come from the partners family. (when I was younger we opened them when everyone was awake, played with them until we got the bikes out and slid around, well until I became a choirboy, then I was out singing, yes there is a story on that one to come soon) 

What’s your favourite Christmas film?

I dislike Christmas films, I would prefer to listen to good music, a bit of hardstyle or hardcore. But If I get the chance to watch a film it would have to be the funkin' amazing Laputa - Castle in the sky. It's long but I love it. As long as it's not the utter crap Disney re-dub from 2011. 

What is your favourite Christmas food?
It has to be one of the most awesome parts of Christmas nosh to me and that's the Pigs in blankets. If cooked properly they come out crispy, but still juicy.Oh my word I WANT SOME NOW CURSE YOU! Oh and Yorkshire puds. Oh this will be fun to make with the oven being b0rked! 

Now it's your turn. 

Firstly I choose the fabulous MummyAlarm
Secondly I tag the awesome Life, love and living with boys
Over to you.


  1. Donna@MummyCentral14 December 2012 at 14:23

    I'm with you on the trees debate. Gotta be fake while the kids are little. My four-year-old's fave pastime in the week we've had the tree up is picking all the stars off it, then the parcels, then the baubles, etc etc. Driving me bonkers.

  2. LOL! I'm craving stuffing balls now! Love the sound of you and your mates getting together with your new bikes, I'm picturing ET or the Goonies. Thanks for tagging me, finally got round to answering the questions myself and am feeling a bit more festive as a result