Tuesday 7 August 2012

Join me at SkyRide MK.

Evening all.

Two weeks ago I was contacted by the team from Sky and British Cycling to join in with the Sky Ride in Milton Keynes on Sunday the 26th August.

I've accepted the chance to join in for a few reasons.
Firstly because I like cycling and exploring new areas to ride,
I need a good excuse to train a bit more and increase my currently rubbish health (curse you spinal issues)
And finally. Naughtybike wants to play, safe in the knowledge I'm not going to thrash the bike about too much in respect for other riders.

From now until then I'll be looking for friends, fruitloons, families, vloggers and even hardened cyclists to register for the MK sky ride and join with me and many others for a jolly good set of two wheeled fun. Everyone from beginner to raving loons with naughtybikes are welcome.
I'm aiming to be there at about half nine to meet up with the sky team, and I'm thinking of offering to ride with those who are less confident or maybe need some encouragement. If you wish to join in on that ride please, get in touch.

Before I forget this is a family friendly ride, meaning children and there bikes are welcome, even if attached to a trailgaiter or a child is in a trailer (if i didn't have so many main roads to ride to get to the train station I would bring my trailer and youngest. We'll see)

Also if you join up, register for the Mk ride and come on the ride you have the chance to win many cool things, including bikes, Sky tv packages and Skybox and chances to meet Chris Hoy and Victoria Pendleton at the National Cycling Center in Manchester.

Come on, take part in a community ride with me and the team at British Cycling and Sky at SkyRide Milton Keynes.


P.s. over the next two weeks i'll be adding endomondo training rides onto the blog for you all to see. Some will be slow, due to the trailer or back pain. However some will be stupidly fast.

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