Saturday 21 July 2012

Summer Holidays are here.

ARRRRRRGH!!!!! Well summer isn't quite here but summer holiday's are. Schools are out and the shouting has began. This does mean, of course that the kids will need keeping busy and sane. And we're planning lots already. A huge group of parents from school have teamed up and organised loads of little events to keep kids happy. From trips to the coast, kite days and teddy bears picnics means the monsters will be kept happy and smiling. But for now. What should we do today will come through every day in true Phineas and Ferb fashion. Tomorrow i hope will bring painting walls and tidying mums grave for me and for the kids, that depends on the moods of all three of them. I'm hoping this will be a start of a lot more blogging from me over the school holidays. So for now this ol' jebuspad is out of battery so i'm outta here. from me Later y'all

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