Sunday 29 April 2012

Wife wants a phone

It seems the talk of phones starting to die has got the wife all giddy.

She's just informed me she wants a Samsung Galaxy S2. 

I'm sorry. That was not what I was expecting, an iPhone i had agreed to (as much of a symbian addict i am the C6-00 killed it for us both dead in the water. The only saving grace is s40 touch edition and Symbian belle on my e6-00)

At the same time i'm happy as it's cheaper than the "iphone tarrifs" and both our current tariffs would be fine on the device with data in mind. 

For now I know next to nothing about android devices as of late, honeycomb, ice cream sandwich and all that i read on the tech blogs (@khouryrt and @rcadden may be the best to ask here maybe)

tell me one thing is android easier to use now or is it still a computer with a phone bolted on to the side?
would I be able to cope with an android device as i use symbian in a heavy manner? 
I know i tried before but was confused out with 1.6 (at least iOS does what it sets out to do in this case. i feel dirty admitting that) 



  1. I use GS2, and converted my husband from iPhone to GS2 as well. Android isn't easier to begin with, but it's more versatile. iPhone has everything set up ready for you to use, but it gets boring as you are stuck with whatever you are given. With Android you can shuffle things around that suits you best :)

    OS is OS though don't you think? It only take you to get used to it before you completely forgot about what it is, just like Windows or Mac, or even Linux.

    To me, iPhone or iPad is just a fashion statement, a trend people follow. But if you want a real phone, give android a try :)

  2. I have trialed android phones before and found them to feel more like a pda first and a phone second. I'm assuming that's changed somewhat now.

    Also i'll be hoping to play with wndows phone7 soon to see it over symbian.

    And i do agree about the iphone is more of a status symbol. Or isheep as i call them.

  3. I love my iPhone. LOVE it. I don't care whether it's considered cool or if it makes me a sheep (baaaa! ;P)I just love what it does. I've had numerous phones, and nothing compares for me. I did have an HTC Desire (android) and that was pretty damn fine too - but I love my iPhone.