Monday 14 November 2011

OI. Why so quiet, fatty?

Oh deary!

I'm banned from riding at the moment, The other week was bad enough with a funeral to attend which left me in a huge lost state and proving I know nothing about my family the next day I fall off the bike.

Here's how a loon can crash easilly.
Adjusting brakes.

I'd adjusted the brakes while my daughter was at nursery as they had began to fade too much (not good at faster speeds)

Well on the way back to pick monster up I checked the road to pull out, car was moving at speed on road parallel to me, he turns in without indicating, as I was pulling onto the road.

Instinct kicked in to slam the brakes on.Thud I'm on the floor, not letting go of the handles meant the bike landed me, child seat and all.

Driver grabbed bike off me and offered to take me to A&E, I politely refused thinking more of Vee stuck at school. that I didn't want so after a few moments I'm off at 30mph to school.

Mums were not impressed with my face. I was *meh* Monster is more important. Got her home, then thought about it.
One thought went through my mind and keeps coming back now,.

If I'd not fixed the brakes I could have been killed!

It may sound like a over reaction. But the speed we were both doing was around 20mph at that point, enough to total a cyclist and seriously hurt my daughter, thank flip(yes i do want to swear but will not) she was not on the seat..

the cuts have cleared and the pain in the hands continued, eventually (this Monday) I went to A&E, and they determined the one side was severely sprained and the other hand has an apparent break in a bone around the thumb. and would explain why the pain has not let up in the hand still.

Well now you know what's keeping me quiet (typing hurts in my potted hand) but i will restart the vlogs for movember tonight. While i think of sneaking out on the bike. with the ill kids sleeping ;)

H and R to you all. Stay safe.



  1. Not an over reaction at all. You could have been killed. I worry about cyclists on the road these days. Some drivers just don't look.... or don't care. Hope your hand heals soon, and for the record, I'd have done the same thing and thought more about picking the girls up from school. Shows what a great Dad you are.
    Must be difficult wearing a cast and having poorly children to look after! Hope they are better soon x

  2. In no way did you overreact. The road is a dangerous place for cyclists and pedestrians. Even when I'm in a crosswalk I sometimes fear for my life. The selflessness of thinking of picking up your daughter first was a wonderful thing. I'm so glad you weren't seriously injured.

  3. Thanks hun.

    The cast is fun when taking youngest to hospital. but had to be done.

    it may sound silly but i will always come last when it comes to the kids. they are my priority, x

  4. cheers hun. the face is clear now and the Movember effort is working well

    sending huge hugs xx