Thursday 11 August 2011

Scammy Arriva Driver........ No way?

Oh Arriva. You're an integral part of the community, even if your prices are a bit OTT sometimes. But the shining light is your staff, many have to take a lot of stick from gobby chavs and chavettes. And unfortunatly a few parents if Tuesday is anything to go by.

Disclaimer. Arriva staff do a bloody good job, and the small minority of numpties should not be the cause to tar the rest of them with the same brush. 99.9% rock.

Now that's clear i can continue.

We went to the cinema on Tuesday to see Cars 2, ace film even if i was in a grump, but more on that later.

Arriva have a deal called 'Kids Go Cheap' which means when I pay for my full price ticket one child goes for 50p per journey, bargain. Untill we got on the bus. The driver told me "if you pay twice for your kid now he has a return ticket." Not exactly unheard of, so we pay, and he passes me two single tickets for the same journey, I assume it's the way the promotion works and think no more about it.

Concern hits, when he tries it on someone else with there toddlers, who are free to travel as there under 5. She points this out and pays for their ticket. At he next stop he does it again to another person and there children, the driver implies they have 3 children.

Finally we get to town and watch Cars 2. It rocks even if the smalls wanted more loo trips than is humanely possible for any other toddler in the cinema. An overall success, (top tip. Next time don't forget the maplins visit for your inner geek)

Jump on the bus homeward and present the strange array of tickets. To be told "You're the second today" referring to dud tickets "And from the same drver too" meaning the driver was either misinformed on how the promotion worked, or bumping up numbers to look good. (I'm not talking thevery. As I don't believe this is the issue)

For now it's in arriva's hands to sort out. I shall update when i know more.


(Poor spelling and wrong wording in places. Thanks @Pootspublic)
UPDATE: I spoke to the driver directly rather than take the ticket to Arriva Directly, all was sorted without staff getting a roasting - 50p is not worth the hassle!) 

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