Sunday 28 August 2011

Five songs to live your life to.

Afternoon. It's later than expected but oh well.

Warning. Some of the songs contain swearwords. So assume a nsfw/kids on the videos. Don't sue me for ignoring the warning - XD

I was tagged by Baillie from My life, my son, my way. And i'm finally ready to post it after multiple messups from my end. Probably won't help i'm in a mood but oh well.

I love music, although i can't sing to well i can chill to many many genre's and bands. Apart from Limp Bizkit and My Chemical Romance. Sorry but they suck. Big time.

Now the 5 songs have been categorised under the following

No1... Dance around the house in your pants HAPPY MUSIC.
These are all difficult for me as i seem to spend more time with Cbeebies playing in the background over anything else. but when it comes to a happy smiley song it has to be the Red Hot Chilli Peppers's little ditty. Carbron.

No2... My Angry music.
Angry thoughts are swirling around my head at present thanks to a killer headache and kids who prefer to argue than do as there told. Also I need a sleep. Before i have the urge to blow things up. This has to be a song by one of the most powerful performers from the UK. Phil Collins, In the air tonight, (live at Knebworth 1991)

No3... Music that reminds me of a particular friend(s). This is aimed at all my followers on twitter, you listen to my rants, when i'm feeling down thanks to pangs of depression, or in need of cheering up, all of you on twitter stand by and put me back on the path to happy faces again. And in many amazing ways too. Thank you all for being there for this silly arsed blogger. And the song i choose is. Tribute by Tenacious D *contains swears* if blocked for cooyright reasons i'll fix it.

No4... Sad music. This song is sad, but seems to help when having a down moment. I play many songs but this one seems to be put on repeat every time. Yep, I'm that boring. I present to you. Staind Epithany.

No5... Music to signify those small minded idiots, trolls and a sperm doner whom needs a good slap. Most of you make me the strong minded stubborn git that i am, with exception of the sperm doner twunt. So happy your firing blanks now you cockhead. I'll stop my rant there. Sorry thinking of certain people irks me somewhat. I present to you. A Day To Remember. You should have killed me when you had the chance (live version

Others i want to use include Not linked because it's annoying to link them on the ipad.
Crowded house, Four seasons in one day
Incubus, Stellar
Mental Theo and Charley Lownoise - Wonderful days (original)
The king of rock and roll by Prefab Sprout.
And one more for the road, Genesis, Jesus he knows me.

Feel free to add yourself to this one, as many of you have already been tagged,

Paul. :)

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  1. I Love your choices! Very Good taste in music :).... very good reasons too! I struggled to do this in just 5... I might do another this week but from bands I saw this weekend at Reading Festival... Muse, Offspring, MCR & BRIAN MAY+ loads more.... all in 1 weekend... My head is still buzzing my feet on the other hand are broken!